2022 : Italian Wine, producers estimate growth of 4.8%.

Source : PambiancoThe wine sector looks forward to the current year with optimism, so much so that the major producers expect growth of 4.8%, which would reach 5.6% for the export component alone. Sales are driven by the success of bubbles (+ 5.7% overall revenues, + 7.5% exports), while still wines are expecting + 4.6% (+ 5.3% exports) . The operators exposed on the off trade channel (large-scale...

State of the US Wine Industry 2022

We can definitively say that 2021 was a good year for the US wine industry — not a greatyear or a bad year, but a good year. Reopening tasting rooms, hotels and restaurants, along with thawing travel, rejuvenated sales opportunities in those venues Looking at a single good year doesn’t define the industry as successful any more than looking at 2020 definesthe business as a failure. We must consider...

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