Albana di Romagna

The Romagna Albana DOCG denomination is reserved for wines obtained from grapes of the Albana vine for at least 95% and coming from the area between the provinces of Bologna, Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna.

Due to its particular characteristics (gradual maturation, high sugar accumulation and rather high acidity), the Albana grape has always been used to produce different types of wine. For this reason, Albana was present in almost all the Romagna farms. The first ripening bunches provided the lighter dry wine, while the second harvest was used to produce a more robust wine, which often remained more or less sweet. The autumn cold then blocked fermentation, leaving an important sugar residue, given the high initial concentration. Part of this production was collected and hung in the attics and after drying it was pressed to make raisin wine for important family anniversaries and often also for the Eucharistic celebration.

The wines of the Romagna Albana DOCG denomination can therefore be of the dry, semi-sweet, sweet, passito and passito reserve types. For all types, vinification, storage and aging in wooden containers is allowed.

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