About Scents of Italy.....

Mission of Scents of Italy is to became the best Italian Tour Operator specialized in wines and wineries. And, more than this, to narrate the Companies (Cantinas) history and surroundings , the areas, the land, the history, the scents and tastes.
Italy is a country with enormous differences between territories. From the Alps to Sicily, temperatures, climate and soil change completely, as does the morphology of the country. In the same way, the organoleptic components of wines change. But what all our wines have in common is our culture, which arises from millennia of history and from our great attention to production and quality.


Graduated in Economics at University of Bologna, with a specialization in Marketing and Tourism. A career in Export Management and International Business. Digital expert. Teacher and writer.
Academic Member of IASA (International Academy of Sensory Analysis), Sommelier and  Wine Expert.
Fabio Tartarini

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